by: Harrison McCredie

Why the immigrants came to the US.

Immigrants came to the us because they wanted jobs and they came to look for ways to make money. Another reason why they came was because they could not make enough money to feed their families in the home countries so they came for better life even some people came to escape war or prejudice.

Were they were from

There was different kinds of people that came here as immigrants some were from Italy,Austria-hungry,Russia,Canada,Mexico,Cuba and Puerto Rico

Were some arrived.

The European immigrants (Ireland,Scotland and France) went to Ellis Island because they were close to there and the Asian immigrants (Chinese and Japanese) went to Angel island because they were close to there.

Their new life here.

Their lifestyle was different in america. Some of them worked and lived on farms in there old countries but in america they had to live in large cities such as New York and San Fran Cisco.Most of them worked in mines, factories or railroads. Some of the immigrants faced prejudice while they were looking for jobs and places to live. Many of them did not speak English so they had to go to school at night so they could learn how speak English.

What they brought.

Some of them brought new foods such as pasta,pizza,Mexican and Chinese. Some even brought traditions such as St. Patricks day. Some brought new skills and new ways of doing things.