Top Tips For Online Security


Steps you should take to protect your computer from viruses?

  1. Install anti-viruse

  2. Install anti- spyware

  3. Install fire ware

  4. Install security

  5. Regularly update computer

some things you should do when setting your password?

*don’t share/ tell anyone

*something you can easily remember

*make something nobody else can guess

What you look for to ensure that your online shopping experience is secure?

· Always look for the additional costs and payment details prior to sending credit card details.

· Once you arrive at a site, you need to make sure that it is legitimate and not a fake or spoofed version.

· Do not shop on a web site if nobody has heard of it.

· don’t pay until you get the product.

The best ways to protect your private information?

· Don’t share private information.

· Update all anti-viruse , anti- spyware , fire ware and security.