Exposed Timbers and Beams

How To Select Affordable Exposed Timbers And Beams Dealer

Forget weird color schemes, too many area rugs, and overwrought furniture. If you want jazzy decor go with exposed timbers and beams. As architectural design elements, they can't be beat for visual interest and style. They can go on most any ceiling to enliven a residential space.

These ceiling enhancements can be very striking. Even if they are structural, they add an element of decoration as an architectural feature. They look great in almost any room from the living room and dining room to a den or bedroom. They add warmth and beauty to a plain environment.

People find wood beams comfy cozy in feeling. The warmth they impart reminds them of ski lodges or rural inns. No wonder they are increasingly popular in so many remodeling projects. Plus, they are easy to install. The size is dictated by the ceiling space so it is a no-brainer operation. Wood can be left exposed or can be painted to suit the taste of the homeowner. There is no end to the effects it can provide.

Your ceiling can be a location of expressive interest believe it or not. Most people ignore the obvious. Why not encourage people to take in all aspects of a room. Next to white walls, dark beams are glorious and they sing opposite wood floors. You can use color, of course, as a total palette or in accents as your style dictates. Timber works well with any most decor.

There are a few rules in decorating that help one to make the right choices. Dark beams are complemented by dark wood floors and are striking next to white paint. Light walls can make a room look larger while deeper hues do the opposite. Contrast of colors is more interesting than a monochrome effect.

In addition vivid colors stand out well in accessories such as pillows and shams. They are best used judiciously and not in a ceiling. Beams should be bare, stained, or white. Let the wood do its job naturally as it was meant to be. It is unique enough to let it sing on its own.

You are not limited to "shabby chic" when it comes to using timber and beams. Weathering works even with modern styles as a bit of contrast. You can have sleek, stream-lined furnishings and accessories right along with exposed wood. No style should be monotone and one-dimensional. People put contemporary art with antiques all the time!

Beams and timber are not uncommon so it is not a radical outside-of-the-box effect. It is a tried and true method of enhancing any living space as an architectural element. They may cost more than a rug, but then they will do so much more for a room. It is all about a wow factor. As such, it will boost your property value enormously and make for a great future return. Who wants to ignore the important role of decor and style when designing or remodeling a home!

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