From the Desk of Dr. Nichols

Eastover Elementary School Updates-Week of Nov. 16 - Nov. 20

Next Edition of Desk of Dr. Nichols--Monday, November 30th

There will not be a newsletter next week due to the Thanksgiving break. The next edition will come out the week of November 30th. I hope that all of our Eastover staff members and families have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!!

Please help support our Bearded Dragons!

We are currently raising money for new cages for Fat Girl and Stoner (they are located in the Auditorium). If you would like to help, please click the link below, thank you!!!

Cooler Weather/School Uniform Reminder-

Please don’t forget with the cooler weather—students need to be in uniform with their navy blue or white jackets/sweaters during instructional time in the classroom (8:15am-3:15pm).

Important Dates:

-Nov. 25-27--No School (Thanksgiving Break)

-Dec. 3-4--Progress Reports Sent Home (2nd 9 week grading period)

Coffee with our Superintendent (Dec. 1st 5:30-7:00pm)

Would you like to share your ideas to support academic success? Are you interested in hearing about the latest topics impacting CMS? If so, you are invited to attend the Coffee and Conversation with Ann Clark session on Tuesday, December 1st from 5:30-7:00pm at Randolph IB Middle (4400 Water Oak Road). Superintendent Clark welcomes your questions and your ideas related to CMS.

Exploratory Spanish Continues for this School Year!!

Just a reminder to our families that with this year's PTA Invest Campaign dollars, Exploratory Spanish will continue this school year! Please see the schedule below so you are aware of what day your child will have Spanish:

-Tuesdays (Kindergarten, 1st grade)

-Wednesdays (2nd, 3rd grades)

-Thursdays (4th, 5th grades)

Student Recess--Parent Reminder

Dear Parents,

We need your help! Grade level teachers have asked that I remind parents to refrain from stopping by the playgrounds during recess time (during school hours). If you are coming to school to check out your child, please report to the main office for student dismissal. Thank you!!!

School Safety Reminders

-Doors are locked all day (buzz-in entry only)—please press button to right of main entrance for assistance

-Checking out students---please try to check out students by 2:45pm each day. This helps ensure that our dismissal processes flow smoothly and ALL students are accounted for and arrive home safely!!

-Photo ID--Remember to bring your photo ID (school visits/student check-ins and check-outs)

-PM Transportation Changes-Please provide your child’s teacher with a written note for any afternoon transportation changes

-Reminders about lunchtime visits:

-please remember to only have lunch with your student/child

-once lunch is over, please say your goodbyes in the cafeteria in order for the class to leave the cafeteria on time in order to start instruction back up quickly in his/her classroom

Are you a CMS Registered Volunteer?

If you are an Eastover volunteer, or simply coming for lunch with your child, you need to be a Registered CMS Volunteer. Click below to get registered. If you've already registered in a previous year, simply login and confirm your information.

Grade Level News:


-Literacy Theme: Pilgrims- Letter Name and Sounds (high frequency words-he, said, no, she), and continuing the full launch of Daily 5.

-Math Unit: What Comes Next?- Develop strategies for finding objects that share one attribute and using attributes to sort a group of objects, looking at patterns.

-Science Unit: NA

-Social Studies Unit: Pilgrims--Students will be introduced and be able to describe who are Pilgrims and how Pilgrims and Native Americans worked together.

-Writing: Launching Writer's Workshop- We Are All Writers, Writers write about what they know, Mentor texts, Correct formation of upper and lower case letters, and Sentence structure (continues this week).

-Health: Second Step Curriculum (taught by School Counselor)

1st grade:

-Literacy: Launching Reader's Workshop--Students will work on the following: building reading stamina, retell stories using first, next, then, last (sequence the events in a story but orally and written), and identify text features in information books.

-Math: How many of each? Students will continue to work on the following: review how to solve a word problem, identify key words in word problems, counting from 1-60 and 60-1, and reviewing number sentences in both addition and subtraction.

-Science: NA

-Soc. Studies: Roles in Society--Students will identify jobs in society, their roles, and the location that they work at. i.e.- cop- police dept. Students will compare neighborhoods and neighborhood needs and will be introduced to cardinal directions.

-Writing: Launching Writer’s Workshop--Introduce how-to-books, discussion how we create how-to-books. Students will continue the writing process using thinking, planning, writing, and final copies. Students will begin the proof reading process.

-Health-Taught via School Counselor (Second Step Curriculum)

2nd grade:

-Literacy: Exploring Non-Fiction/Non-Fiction Book Clubs-Students will be able to: identify author’s purpose in a non-fiction book, participate in a non-fiction book club, converse about their non-fiction books in their non-fiction book clubs/respond to others in a non-fiction book club, and use strategies for gathering information from more than one text on the same topic.

-Math: Geometry--Students will present their Geometry Photography Project and will review what they have learned about 2D and 2D shapes. Students will also complete their assessment on Geometry this week.

-Science: NA

-Soc. Studies: Types of Communities--Students will be able to identify and describe the three types of communities (rural, urban, and suburban communities). Students will learn about community workers/helpers

-Writing: Opinion Writing--Students will write be able to identify the characteristics of opinion writing and students will be taking this piece of opinion writing through the writing process.

-Health: Completed with School Counselor

3rd grade:

-Literacy: Literacy Theme-Series Book Clubs- Readers will: push themselves to think deeply about characters by asking-why?, know that no character is one way by pushing themselves to think about more complex theories, deepen their understanding by paying attention to character's struggles and motivations, grow their ideas by asking themselves-what is the character learning?, and will read and respond to text dependent questions using close reading strategies.

-Math: Interpret Products of Whole Numbers-Students develop an understanding of the meanings of multiplication and division of whole numbers through activities and problems involving equal-sized groups.

-Science: Matter- Students will understand the structure and properties of matter before and after they undergo a change. Students will also recognize that air is a substance that surrounds us, takes up space and has mass. Compare solids, liquids, and gases based on their properties.

-Soc. Studies: Students will understand how events, individuals, and ideas have influenced the history of local and regional communities.

-Writing: Narrative Writing and the Writing Process- Students will focus on grammar skills and sentence structure (8 parts of speech). Students will continue informative writing/research writing about famous historical figures.

4th grade:

Literacy: Students will continue to refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text. Students will also determine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key details; summarize the text. Text this week: (Digging Up Tyrannosaurus Rex)

Math: Students will solve addition and subtraction equations with up to 4 digits, students will create a 10,000 chart and will understand the structure of 10,000.

Science: Matter--Students will continue to compare the physical properties of samples of matter.

Soc. Studies: Students will begin work on JA Biztown by taking a pre-assessment given by the program.

Writing: Students will continue to write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences. They will produce clear and coherent writing. Students will demonstrate command of the conventions of the standard English grammar and usage while writing (Working on Mini Task #2).

Health: Empathy-Students will be able to identify clues that help them recognize other people’s feelings.

5th grade:

Literacy: Students will continue to work on the following this week: Close Reading + Citing Text Evidence Mini-Lessons, Volcano Nonfiction text to model how to cite text evidence, Interactive Read Aloud/Virtual Field Trip to the West Coast with Wildfires, and verbal practice with answering questions directly from the text.

Math: Number and Operations in Base Ten: Students will perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers and with decimals to hundredths (pathways, pre-test).

Science: Students continue to learn physical and chemical properties and changes through introduction to Heat Transfer unit.

Soc. Studies: Native Americans vs. Explorers Unit: Students will work on open note assessment about early English Settlements, students will also be introduced to 13 colonies.

Writing: Writer’s Workshop- Students will learn what does an informational/expository text look like?, teacher will be modeling this process for students, and student will use a graphic organizer to begin research on Mini-Task.

Health: Second Step Program lessons this week: Lesson 3: Being Assertive vs. Being Aggressive


Art-no updates this week, see and/or email Mr. Clifford if you need information.

Media-K-5-Book Fair this week for all classes

Music-Chorus Club--Tuesdays (7:45am-8:30am--Auditorium)

PE-K-2-working on volleying/dribbling skills, 3-5- Introduction of Volleyball Unit (Lacrosse will continue in 2nd semester). Please wear tennis shoes on PE days--thank you!

Tech-K-1-Thanksgiving Projects, 2nd-publishing personal books, 3rd-Skin Pamphlets, 4th-bullying projects, 5th-learning about electoral process