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From our Teacher...

I'd like to remind everyone about our Pot Luck Lunch that will take place in the Fellowship Hall after service next Sunday. Everyone is asked to bring a dish that begins with the first letter of their LAST NAME. Example: The Tanners may bring Tacos or a Taco Salad. Be creative but just bring something delicious to share with the rest of the class.

Food, fun, and fellowship from 1-3pm. Hint: Brush up on your Biblical knowledge.

Hope to see everyone there next Sunday January 25th!

Don't forget Bowling in Feb (date TBD).


Jimmy T


- Missy's Mom (Gloria Cockrell) - recovering from back surgery in Alabama
- Riley - procedure on 1/28
- Tracy - needs a truck
- MaryAnne - follow-up exam, spot found
- Jeffrey - job search
- Bill Henry - job search
- FBC - New work
- Calvary Pregnancy Crisis Center
- Pro-Life March
at the Capitol on Thursday

If you're away from SS class for any reason and need the class to pray for you, please let us know!


Saturday, January 24th is Sack Lunch Saturday and our class is requested to bring 50 complete sack lunches. This is a vital ministry of FBC and reaches people in need in our community.

If you can provide ANY sack lunches, please REPLY ALL stating how many you can provide. We need to provide a total of 50.

A complete sack lunch consists of the following:
- Sandwich
- Chips
- Fruit or Dessert
- Drink
- Napkin
- Plastic utensil if needed for dessert

Lunches must be delivered to the Fellowship Hall kitchen no later than 11:00am on this date. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!


Remember that the 2nd Sunday of each month will be our official 2nd Sunday BreakFest so mark your calendar to remember!

JANUARY CLASS ACTIVITY - Potluck Lunch after church in the Fellowship Hall on the 25th. Details are provide at the beginning of this Newsletter.

FEBRUARY CLASS ACTIVITY - Bowl-a-rama Night. Date and specifics to be determined.

APRIL CLASS ACTIVITY - Fellowship Hiking Trek. See details below for this event!

If anyone wants to volunteer to either sponsor or host a class social event during 2015, there is a Sign-Up Sheet on the bulletin board in our class room. We are open to all ideas but if you need a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing, there is a list of suggestions also posted on the bulletin board. Be creative - plan a Game Night or Karaoke Night at the Fellowship Hall, plan an outing at a sporting event (Braves or Hawks game) or arts event (movie, play, concert), plan a Progressive Meal going to various class members houses, plan a Bowling or Paintball Competition, and the list goes on! Think about it and volunteer! We'd like to have at least 1 social event per quarter this year.
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MaryAnne and Jeffrey Hinkle – please be sure to contact MaryAnn at if you plan to attend this all day hiking event.

Possibly Blood Mountain Creek Waterfall Hike or Siler Bald...If we decide to go to Siler Bald, then the following will apply:

Located in Macon County, NC – 10 miles southwest of Franklin, North Carolina - Wayah Ranger District, Nantahala National Forest.This moderately difficult hike takes you along one of the predominate ridgelines of the Nantahala Mountains. Once you are at the summit, you will appreciate one of the best views available in the United States.

April 18, 2015 meet at First Baptist Church in Covington at 6:45 a.m. This will be an all day trip, so plan to be gone until possibly 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. I will find out tomorrow if we can use the church bus/van.

This hike will be 4.4 miles in and 4.4 miles out which is a grand total of 8.8 miles. This has an elevation change of about 1,500 feet. The summit elevation is 5,216 feet. The most difficult part of the hike will be the final ascend to the summit. The views at the summit are so very much worth the hike though. Please allow 3.5 - 4 + hours to enjoy.

• Adults only please unless over 18 or accompanied by an adult.
• Hiking shoes/boots with good "grip" soles are essential. If you do not own a pair of hiking shoes/boots, then at least wear comfortable tennis shoes. Please do not wear sandals, high heels or designer dress boots.
• Bring a piece of plastic to sit on – as we will eat lunch at the summit where it ‘may’ be damp.
• This will be a S-L-O-W hike (EXPECT S-L-O-W).
• We will start at Winding Staircase and hike to the summit of Siler Bald.
• Segment of the Appalachian Trail w/ a gradual ascent
• Excellent "almost" 360 degree views of the southern Nantahala Mtns.
• Siler Bald is very large grassy area w/ wildflowers in the Spring & Summer months.

If you have a backpack, first please make sure the straps are comfortable and it is large enough to fit the following items inside it:
1. Lunch/snacks trail mix, chocolate, anything with protein.
2. PLENTY of water or Gatorade.
3. Small first aid kit – you can actually just pack a few bandaids, some germex or the like in a small baggy.
4. Hiking poles – if you don’t have a pair of hiking poles, venture off into the woods to find a nice size, thick and tall enough stick and make one.
5. Rain jacket – just in case it rains since you never know about the weather.
6. Dress in layers
7. Please be sure to bring a camera! You may regret it if you don’t.

We will be stopping at maybe 1-2 convenience stores for rest room breaks on our journey to the trailhead and on the way home. Please be considerate and buy something, even if it’s just gum or a candy bar if you use the restrooms. We do not want store owners to get annoyed at us bringing in groups that use the facilities, yet do not buy anything.

Please contact me at if you have any questions...

We look forward to seeing many of you join us for either the Siler Bald or Blood Mountain Creek Waterfalls hike!

MaryAnne Hinkle

PS Blood Mountain Creek Waterfall hike is not much different than the above write-up. The only exception is there are waterfalls at BMC; however, both can be found on my website here:

2013 Waterfalls and Hiking Trails in Georgia - PART 2


Ladie's Bible Studies Starting in January:
- Kay Arthur - Covenant - 9-week starts Tuesday, 1/13/15; 9:30am or 6:30pm; book cost $15; Room 205 FH
- Beth Moore - Children of the DAY - 9-week starts Wednesday, 1/7/15, 10:00am or 6:00pm; book cost is $15; Room 205 FH
- Call church office to sign up for either or both!

Men's Bible Study Starting in January:
- 33 The Series - starts on 1/7/15 at 6:00am in the Fellowship Hall; book cost is $15; biscuits and coffee provided
- Call Church office to sign up!


The Network Name for the Fellowship Hall is:


The Password is Go9031FBC

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