Fight Song Service Project

Carter Elliott

Boy scouts Project

My mom and I got to coppell plant place that teaches you about plant we got to where we needed to go so we could start the project. When we started, we got barrel fulls of mulch to spread on to the ground. After an hour of working we had half of it done but we still had to do 20 more area it took about 3 hours in total after that we had some lunch and we started working again after another 2 hours we helped clean up and then went home to take some shoes and relax for the rest of the day.

Helping Others

Helping others is important because that makes them feel good and then they want to help other people so then we can all work together and help the world and fix all the worlds problems, and fixing the worlds problems will help a lot and they will make everybody happy and not want to fight.

Other organizations I want to help

Another place I would help is the coppell animal shelter because animal are living thing that should be treated with care and not to be left out in the street like a piece of trash that you leave there to rot, animals have feelings to and they should be helped.