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September 2, 2019


Tuesday: Schedule: Week 1 - A B C D E

Remember: Since we start on a Tuesday, go to Advisory first!

Fall Guard 3:30-5:30; Percussion 3:30-5:30

Thursday: First Home Football Game! (Con/Sym only)

There will NOT be percussion or guard rehearsals on Thursday after school.

Friday: Yay!


The first CHARMS statement of the year will be sent out soon. Remember: As always, if you get a charge added and you think you've paid or the charges are erroneous, please email or

Bed Sheet Sale fundraiser will start next week!

We are looking for band parents to continue to volunteer for us. See the google form below. Please contact us ASAP at if you're interested in helping us get our bedsheet fundraiser started next week! We need parents to help us sort the orders when they come in sometime in October.

Books have been distributed. If your student hasn't received his/her book, its because we don't have record of a payment yet.

FIRST (Home) FOOTBALL GAME THIS WEEK! The Concert and Symphonic bands will join together to form our football pep band at Thursdays home (8th grade) game! We can't wait! See Con/Sym sections for schedules.

We need band dads to fill out the google form and help volunteer! We have already formed an awesome "logistics" team for the 2019-2020 season, but we could use a few more willing people to participate! Of course, it doesn't just have to be the dads! :)


Please fill out the google form below if you are interested in volunteering this year.

Thank you to those who are considering volunteering to help our band program!! We depend on our amazing parent volunteers - and we have fun, too!

Cadet/Beginner Band

Your students are doing an amazing job! We have already had our first playing quizzes and they are blowing us away! Keep up the great work.

It's time to set up a practice routine at home. Will they practice three days a week? For 20 minutes? Can they easily get their instruments home? Do they need to come to morning-band-room a couple of times a week, instead? Come up with a plan that works for your family!

Books ordered through DMS are in! Students won't receive their book unless they've turned in a payment plan or a payment for the book. Cost is $12. We have had our first playing test out of the red book already - so every student needs a book!!

Don't forget to acquire your black binder (and page protectors) if you haven't already!

ALL students are required to be in google classroom. You must use address to login. Email if you're still needing assistance!

CODE: fr1nfn1

Concert/Symphonic Bands

-See the next section for GAME SCHEDULE for Thursday.

-Polos should be in this week. If not, we will wear DMS Band or DMS spirit wear.

-Make sure band fees are paid, or payment plans are turned in! You can email our treasurer and let her know when/how you'd like to get fees paid.

-Required: All students have to join google classroom**.

Concert Band code: nsd8jzs

Symphonic Band code: f742bo

**MUST use MadisonCity email address - gmail addresses won't work.

We have already had our first two homework assignments. If you're student isn't in GC, they received a zero. Students can turn in late work the same week for partial credit.

-Visit the website (link at top of newsletter) and print the music as it becomes available! Students who don't have access to printing can come see a band director during morning band room, or follow the classroom copy procedures if they know those.

-Students have the option to memorize Pep Band music, or purchase a flip book and lyre for their instrument. Flip Books and Lyres purchased separately (unless trumpets or trombones want a bell-clip version). See link for an EXAMPLE. You can purchase from Amazon, online music stores like Woodwind Brasswind or local music stores (like Madison Band Supply or Gadsden Music).

Please pay for your polo and/or class book if you haven't! Polos are $22 (need order form, too) and books are $12.

See next section for Thursday's schedule.

Thursday 9/5 - Meridianville Game (CON/SYM)


Concert and Symphonic are the only two bands who play pep band at the games.

Arrival time: 5:00pm

Students are required to wear polos (coming in this week) and jeans with tennis shoes.

This first game will be 5pm, the future games may extend later to 5:15 or 5:20 once we get into our routine. Just keep reading your newsletters!

We are not going to be able to house students in the band room after school. We can't fit them. Students need to find a ride back to the DMS band room at 5:00pm after they get home from school. If getting to DMS by 5pm is an issue, fill out this google form:

We play at the 8th grade game ONLY. Not the 7th grade game.

Game begins: Close to 6:30pm. 8th grade game begins about 10 minutes after the 7th grade game ends. Unfortunately, we can’t give an exact start time for the 8th grade game. Parents and family will need to purchase tickets as per usual at the gate.

Estimated Game End: between 8:30 and 9:30pm (sorry, times are the best we can estimate!) Students can call parents from the band room phone, or from their own phones after the game. Phones aren't allowed in the stands, but are encouraged for parent communication afterward.

See the full football schedule below. Our band will perform at DMS Home games and at the Liberty game.

If you are a parent who can volunteer to help us crowd control at the game (and fill coolers before the game) - please email


Big picture


FALL Fundraisers:

-Bed Sheet sale fundraiser!! Coming next week! There will be online sales available.

Who wants to help with the bedsheet fundraiser? Counting/sorting orders? Email!

-DMS Halloween Dance in conjunction with PTA

-Silent Auction at Holiday Concert (Anyone have anything to donate? Or want to help find stuff?)

T-shirts still for sale - see Merritt/Parker if you want previous years' spirit wear on sale!

NEW 2019 Discovery Band spirit wear is coming in a few weeks!

If anyone is interested in helping us set up our first online Spirit Wear store, please email

Band Room Supply Wish List

-CANDY! We like bribing your children (in the best way).

-regular computer paper!

-colored computer paper!

-film for Instax instant camera (I think there's a great sale on Groupon!!!)

-Paper Towels

-Command Hooks


Exciting News in our "Heavy Metal" section! We were able to purchase two tubas so we now have enough for all of our tuba players to have an access to an instrument at school and at home! Thank you for your patience and dedication!


-All chaperones must pass the Secure Volunteer background screen and have a Secure Volunteer ID card.

Please email your receipt for our records! We need to send your name for approval as soon as you apply.

Thank you for your time and dedication!!

Be sure to tune in to our Facebook Group "DMS Bands" for a weekly Spotlight on one of our amazing band classes! We know you will be just as impressed with these awesome students as we are!


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Thank you to our amazing DMS band parents!