Toxoplasma Gondi


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Where does it live?

Toxoplasma Gondi is found worldwide but is not easly found in America. This parasite is mostly found in other countries.

How does it feed?

Toxoplasma Gondi feeds off of cats!! This little parasite will get into your feline when it eats an infected mouse and then the parasite will feed off of the cat until it dies.

How does it reproduce?

My parasite reproduces by going into the felines intestines and then reproduces with another toxoplasma Gondi.


The host of choice for this parasite is felines and a few other warm blooded animals.

Adaptions to deal with host

The toxoplasma Gondi has learned to adapt with it's host (the feline and human) by learning how to live in most intestines.

The size

Aproximently 2x6 um as baby's and 6x3 um as an adult.


> People infected with T. gondii experience a wide range of long term personality changes.

> Women who are infected have increased intelligence and increased rule conscious behaviors. They are also much warmer, relaxed, and outgoing.

> Men who are infected have lower intelligence and decreased rule conscious behaviors.

> It also causes mice to have no fear of cats.