Mentee Minute

September 20, 2013 ~ Volume 7

Looking Toward October

October Eportfolio requirements: All instructors should add one artifact of professional development. The activity can be from any experience from June 2013 - current. Artifacts of professional development should have a brief reflection on the value of the experience. Teachers will add one example of a best teaching practice and differentiation from the Fall 2013 semester. All instructors will reflect on the value of an Analytics report on tool usage.

Next week our smore will focus on Discussions. Be sure to check back for mentoring best practices that make discussion boards more manageable for instructors and engaging for students next week!

Join us for more on EPortfolio at Professional Development next Thursday.

Breaking Down ePortfolio

Component Five ~ School Goals

Goal #1:

Exceed state pass rates for all EOCT each semester.

Strategy - Utilize USA Test Prep throughout the semester by offering up to a 10 percent bonus on all unit tests in EOCT courses for performance on EOCT practice work related to the specific standards on the unit test. The AP Coordinator will work to provide test taking tips to teachers/students throughout the year. Teachers will receive PD for how to use USA Test Prep and test taking tips.

Goal #2:

Increase AP pass rates (three or higher) so that each GAVS AP test pass rate exceeds state and national rates.

Strategy – Use Shmoop throughout the year to help prepare students for the tests. The AP Coordinator will be working directly with the AP teachers to provide strategies to use in their classes. Also, the coordinator will work to provide test taking tips to teachers/students throughout the year.

Goal #3:

100% of teachers show evidence of utilizing data analysis tools in order to improve student achievement.

Strategy – Teachers are provided access to data analysis tools as well as training on use of those tools.

Example: Improve National Exam scores by analyzing exam data for areas

of weakness and implement strategies for improvement using ACTFL


Tools for Measuring School-wide Goals

Component Six ~ Data Analysis

Instructors will have three reflections based on specific professional development and data reports:

September: Data sources

October: Analytics report

November: Survey data

EPortfolio-at-a-Glance (Fall 2013)