A Principal's Report

Media Matters at Live Oak Elementary School!

The library program is designed to meet both student needs and teacher schedules. The first and third quarters are a “locked” schedule. This dynamic affords the library media specialist (LMS) daily opportunities to meet with and teach all students book elements, research skills, and introduce literacy concepts. During the second and fourth quarters, an “open” schedule is observed. The LMS is able to delve further into teacher collaboration, collection enhancement and analysis, and staff training developments. Furthermore, teachers may arrange times for their classes to more freely visit the library for assignment research and project completion.

Media Center Acts for Impact!

On the Horizon...

*High Five Hands show students' increase in reading levels. Please see the display in the hallway outside the media center as we celebrate leaps in literacy!

*Don't miss the Scholastic Book Fair November 2-6th. Peruse the shelves for your favorite books.

*Doughnuts for Dad: Come for a sweet treat and delight in a delicious story with your child on Tuesday morning (8:00 am) during our Scholastic Book Fair!

*Muffins for Mom: Enjoy breakfast and a book with your child on Wednesday morning (8:00 am) during our Scholastic Book Fair!

Collaboration Station

*Lesson planning and communication between teachers and the media specialist happens weekly via email, Scheduler, and face-to-face meetings.

*Between 10 and 15 teachers collaborated with every week.

*IPads are reserved by teachers on a daily basis.

*Staff developments are offered during pre-planning (New Teacher Orientation), mid-year, post-planning, and as needed for new technologies released!

Newest Program: Done With Dewey!!

*This is a collection reformation in the making! Presently, we are "grouping" and "breaking down" sections of classification to make it easier for students to locate books. For example, our immensely huge animal section has been redone as follows: "Animal-Insects, Animal-Mammals, Animals-Fish, and Animal-Reptiles." This allows a student to see how many "like" books the media center has on a particular subject; or, in this case, animal!