I Am The Mission

Allen Zadoff

What I liked about the book

I liked how the story continued from the first book and we get to see more of "Ben's" internal conflict. We are more "in his head" and we get to know who is he is. Now, he has new struggles in a new setting. Also we find out more about his past and what happened to him. The character that he met in the first book, Howard, is more president in this book too. I like the relationship between him and Ben. It is sweet and both of them have never really had a true friend. This ending was better than the first book too. It left a great cliff hanger and I cannot wait to read the third book and find out how it all ends. This book heightened what was at stake for "Ben" in the story, and new characters come in a make it more excellent .

What I did not like about the book

There was not really anything I disliked about this book. It had thrill, adventure, decisions, and great character development. The only thing I cannot figure out is if the missions that he goes on are good or bad. They are obviously bad because he is killing people, but the last two missions have been life changing for him.

Favorite quote

”Everyone in the world is a follower. They follow an agenda, whether it’s set by school, parents, a job, society. The only question is who or what they choose to follow?" - I Am The Mission

Would I recommend it

YES! It is a great book that follows I am The Weapon and it made me even more excited for the third book. It had a good mix of different genres and it kept my interest. The author does a great job of giving hint, but not reviling too much through out the book and I love that.
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