Mrs. Priego's Weekly Newsletter

September 19 - 23, 2016

Fifth Grade - 5B

A Note from Mrs. Priego

Fifth graders had their first opportunity to be small group leaders in chapel this past week. This was a highlight for our class! They will serve as small group leaders in chapel twice a month.

We had several quizzes and tests this week, and students did very well overall! I am very pleased with their scores, and I thank you for helping them to prepare for these assessments. Please continue to help your child to properly prepare for the upcoming tests and quizzes by asking them for study sheets, quizzing them, etc. There will be several evaluations next week.

If you have not already done so, please remember to help your student select their Fifth Grade Service Project. Service Project forms are due this coming Friday, September 23rd. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Classroom Supplies Needed!

We are quickly exhausting our small supply of the following items: plastic spoons, plastic forks, and hand sanitizer. These supplies were not on the student supply list, but if you would be willing to donate any of the above items, we would greatly appreciate it!

Important Dates

Mon., September 19 - Bible Memory Verse #3, Psalm 139:1-4

Mon., September 19 - Math: Cumulative Test 2

Mon., September 19 - Social Studies: Ch. 6, Lesson 1 Quiz

Tues., September 20 - Vocabulary Quiz on "Number the Stars" ch. 3-4

Tues., September 20 - Bible: Noah Posters Due

Wed., September 21 - Language: Unit 1 Test on verbs

Fri., September 23 - Spelling Test, List 4 words

Fri., September 23 - Service Project forms due

Mon., September 26 - 2-Hour Delay, Teacher Professional Development

Mon., September 26 - Reading Comprehension Quiz on "Number the Stars" ch. 5-6

Tues., September 27 - Math: Cumulative Test 3

Fri., September 30 - Race for Education

Fri., September 30 - Permission slips for Cowan's Gap Field Trip due

Looking ahead...

Bible - This week we will be finishing our group posters about Noah, due on Tuesday, September 20th. Each group will be given the opportunity to present their poster to the class. The Bible Memory verse passage for this week is Psalm 139:1-4, and students should be prepared to recite these verses on Monday, September 19th.

Spelling - We will be learning words from List 4 - words with Long I and Long O. Our pretest is on Monday, September 19th, and the final test will be Friday, September 23rd. Students may receive a reduced list or extra "challenge" words based on the pretest results. The List 4 words are on for students to practice.

Language - We will finish our unit on verbs, and review for our Unit 1 Language test, which will be on Wednesday, September 21st.

Reading - Students have a vocabulary quiz on Tuesday, September 20th for Ch. 3-4 words in Number the Stars. (I moved this quiz to Tuesday, as we have a S.S. quiz and Math test on Monday). They may practice the vocabulary words using (or the Quizlet app). We will begin reading Chapters 5-6 in our book, Number the Stars. There will be a reading comprehension quiz on Monday, September 26th, for Ch. 5-6 (pages 39-59).

Math - We have a Cumulative Math Test on Monday, September 19th. This will cover material from lessons 6-10. We will then focus on word problems about separating and begin multiplication this week. We will be using our knowledge of multiplication facts. If your child does not have these firmly memorized (3 seconds or less to recall the answer), I suggest that you invest in a deck of multiplication flash cards for reviewing at home. Students are timed in class (but not graded), attempting to complete 40 multiplication problems in no more than 2 minutes. Our next math test will be on Tuesday, September 27th. Tests will continue to be every 5 lessons.

Social Studies - Students have a quiz on Chapter 6, Lesson 1 on Monday, September 19th. Then we will begin learning about the Conquistadors and Spanish Explorers in Chapter 6, Lesson 2. We will be making Conquistador Trading Cards, and students will try to collect them all!

Science - Students will use educreations to create and present their research about insects.

Race for Education

Students are encouraged to wear Shalom shirts for their Race for Education event. Any Shalom t-shirt (this could be "gold rush" t-shirt from past years, a gym shirt, a camp shirt, elementary soccer jersey, warm up shirt, YBA t-shirt, etc.) If your student does not have a Shalom t- shirt, please contact the school office and we can see that you get one.

Students wear pants such as *jeans, capri pants, fingertip length shorts, or wind pants. No sandals.

*Please note: Jeans may not have holes or frays. “Skinny” jeans are not acceptable.

Please have your student bring a water bottle with his/her name on it. We will provide water for refills. Students who are absent that day will be able to run at a later date.

Hymn of the Month

The September Hymn of the Month is due before the end of the month. Please remember to send in the signed form for Mrs. Kniss prior to September 30th. Thank you!

Elementary Thanksgiving Celebration

The Elementary Thanksgiving Celebration is scheduled for Friday, November 18th. Shalom elementary students have dressed up in costumes for this event in past years. This year, instead of dressing in a costume, students will be given a general dress down day. Costumes will no longer be permitted for this event.