Panama Canal

Come see panama canal today.

Come see the panama canal and its glory

Did you know the panama canal it over 100 years old just imagine the things you could learn about it and history.

Why is the panama canal there.

The panama canal is a very important waterway if there was no panama canal we would not have things like food toys and soap well we would still have them but not near as much of anything. The panama canal also helps people get to where they need to get.For exsample when cruse ships go through it

some of the ad ons

you can see many cargo and other typs of ships going through

Pow do the locks work you might be wondering?

First off there are 8 locks each one is higher than the other they fill the first on with water to get it to the level of the second on then open the gates then they do that 8 times tell they get up the hill. To go down hill they empty the lock of some of the water