NCRH Newsletter

March 19th, 2015

Spring Break

NCRH will be open throughout spring break. If you are leaving for the break make sure you do the following:
1. Unplug any electronic devices as well as any cooking appliances.
2. Empty your trash cans
3.Lock your bedroom door and suite door.

If you are staying at NCRH during the break and need any assistance you can contact the RA on duty (256-651-4821)

Dining services during spring break:

NCRH Updates

- Summer Housing: If you are interested in living on campus during the summer please contact Elizabeth Russell at so she can explain the process to you. Only NCRH and SECH will be open for the summer.

- End of the year closing: NCRH will be closing on May 2nd at 6pm. Be on the lookout foran email that will explain the check out process. If you are graduating you have until May 3rd at 6pm to check out.

- "Show your ID" policy: Do not forget that every time you walk in the building you have to show your charger card to the desk assistant. If you forget your card in your room and can't open the door, please use the phone right next to the front door and it will automatically call the front desk. The desk assistant will answer the phone, ask you for your room number and name, check it on the system, and then open the door for you.


Email Ale Pacheco (