A Christmas Carol

Look for in your nearest theater!

The play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a story about a man named Scrooge who is a grumpy man that is forced to re-live his past and change for the good. First, the sound effects, the lighting, and the structure of the sets were fascinating. It was really cool to see everything at once start to bring the book to life, into a play. In addition, the look of the makeup and costumes brought out lots of detail. It helped give a feel of what the emotion in the play was supposed to be, and what the time period is. Finally, the plays gives more visual than the book. Even though books give a better imagination of how everything could be, the play is easier to help put a name on everyone's face. In conclusion, you should watch the play because it gives you a better visual quality, shows lots of detail, and easier to put the name on each of the actor in the first few seconds of who they are and what they're acting as.


A sacrifice Scrooge made was to become a better person than what he was then. He then at the end of the movie changes for the better on Christmas and gives everyone a nice present. To follow up I had to make sacrifices like switching new schools, new people. I had to get used to the system on how they do things, the new people, and where to go.