Summer Vacation to Vermont

Info about Vermont

Wether for the next 8 days

Fri 61° 90% rain wind = 7

Sat 46 80% rain wind = 13

Sun 54° 60% rain wind= 14

Mon 64° 0% rain wind= 7

Tue 72° 0% rain wind= 5

Wed 75° 30% rain wind=9

Thu 77° 60% rain wind=12

Fri 81° 20% rain wind= 7

Natural Disasters

Hurricane irene was the worst hurricane to ever hit Vermont

No natural disasters due to hit vermont when i am going


Land Characteristics

All Characteristics

Vermont is covered in green it has grass and trees covering the whole state. Vermont is also very Hilly.

The picture to the right is rocks that have been eroded for years.


WHite Tailed Deer/ changes color of fur Rose/ thorns

Wild Turkey/ Thick layer of feathers Cactus/ thorns

Woodchuck/ Live in holes in the ground Red Oak/ Big Roots