Awesome Facts About Bees

By Nicolas

Bees vs.Wasps

Bees and wasps are similar except making honey, their stingers, and bodies. First, the difference between wasps' stingers and bees' stingers are that bees' stingers are not poisonous and wasps' are. Secondly, wasps are not big pollinators. They steal honey from bees! Bees do pollinate. Thirdly, bees' bodies are very hairy, while wasps' have leathery bodies. These are my facts that prove bees and wasps are different.

Bees' Bodies

Do you want to know what it's like in a bees' body? Well I'm going to tell you. First, did you know that a bee is cold blooded? Also, bees have 6 small jointed legs. Like all bees, the honey bee has an exoskeleton. I think it would be cool to be a bee for a day.
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Worker bees vs. Queen bees

Worker bees are pretty similar to queen bees, but I'm going to tell you why they're different. Did you know the Waggle dance is how bees communicate? Did you know there are two queen bees and they battle to the death until one wins and they're named queen. Did you know bees can recognize faces? These are my facts about Queen bees and Worker bees.

Bee Hives

Have you wondered what happens inside a bee hive? Did you know that bees throw dead bees out of the hive? Also, did you know 10,000,000 bees die a decade? A lot of the time a good spot for a bee hive is a hollowed out tree. In fact, all bees wax actually comes from their bodies! These were my facts for bees hives.

farm bees

Have you wondered why farmers like having bees for company? Bees are very good for farming because they pollinate all kinds of plants. Did you know also bees scare away other insects that the farmers don't want a round. lastly, did you know that bees leave some pollen behind and the pant grows seeds! these were my facts from farm bees.


  1. poisonous: gets you really sick
  2. pollinators: takes pollen from plants
  3. cold blooded: cold blooded means that it is sensitive too the cold
  4. exoskeleton: skeleton over body