Yosemite National Park

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Yosemite National Park is a wonderful park to visit . This 1,200 square mile park is a wonderful outdoor adventure . It was finally made and named a National Park in 1890 . It's history is that English Colonists came to the land looking for gold and forced the native people out of the land.

What To Do

There are many things to do at Yosemite National Park . One is climb the high beautiful mountains . Or if you don't know how to climb you can take lessons . Another activity you could do is hike on the hundreds of trails throughout the park . Yo could fish, bike, bird watch, picnics . But if you think there is only activities in the Spring, Summer, and Fall your wrong you could also do winter sports. And one of the biggest thing to do is see the Grizzly Giant it is the fifth largest tree in the world . And see the Yosemite Upper and Lower falls they are both ones of the top ten largest falls in North America .


Some people like to bird watch and that is a good choice . Yosemite has over a hundred birds and about 400 different types of vertebras from high in the mountain to the lowest rivers Yosemite is packed with animals . Some of the rarest animals in this park is , a Bighorn Sheep , and a Gray Owl . And those are some animals in Yosemite National Park .

What You Should Know

Open Seasons

Yosemite National Park is open all day Every day . The only times it might be closed is if ; There is a forest fire, Roads are closed because of ice; Or there is a black bear loose in the park . Other than that Yosemite is the one of the few parks that is always open .

Park Fees

Yosemite National Park has some really good deals to get in . You could just pay twenty dollars per car for one week . Even a child could pay that deal it's so low priced . Or you could park your car a mile away and walk to to entrance and pay ten dollars for one person to get in . Now that is low priced . But for a season pass you could pay forty dollars for the whole season . But at last here is the free fees . If someone in your family has served in the amy and is still living that family gets in free . But you might have to bring a badge .


If you do want to bring a pet with you to the park there are rules , your leash for your pet has to be six inches long no more , next is that pets can not go on dirt paths in the park but they can go on pavement paths , and last most important thing is when your pet goes to the bathroom pick it it will mean the world to the park . Please follow these pet rules if you bring your pet to this park .


Yosemite National Park has some of the best wheather all year round . In the Spring the temp is 39 to 69 and mostly sunny and warm days . In the Summer the temp is 51 to 87 and the days are warm and hot and very few rain storms . When Fall comes the temp is 35 to 55 there is some snow and the mornings are warn but the afternoons are cold . And last but not least is Winter it's temp is 28 to 53 but it will be snowy and cold .

Dangers in the park

One of the dangers in Yosemite National Park is Black Bears . Altho they are sacred of humans you could still see one . If you see one while you are visiting here is what you should do ; Make loud and scary noises to scar it away , or tell a Park Ranger if there is one close to you , but do not surround it it will only scare the bear in a different way and attack you , you also should know that any bear or animal spray is not allowed in the park . Another danger to people is wild fires this is a few ways to prevent them ; make sure that the fire is differently out and put out the fire with a bucket of water .

Yosemite's history

Who was here first

The fist people here in the parks land were the Ahwahneechee Native Americans . They hunted for all kinds of animals that were native to the land . The sad thing was that when the Colonies came they forced them out of the land so the Colonies could look for gold .
All pictures come from the National Park website