Josef Mengele the "Angel of Death"

Jon-Mical Hodge

Born on March 16, 1911 Joseph Mengele was a SS physician doing most of his research on twins.He also was in the russian army ,but was wounded and could no longer serve.He joined the Nazi party in 1937.In April of 1943 he was promoted to SS captain ,and sortly after this advancement on May 30, 1943as transfured to Auschwitz.Mengle was more closely assosiated with the “selection Duty” for sending the Jews to the to the Gas Chambers.On one occation Dr.Mengele shot and killed a mother and her child because she did not want to be separated from her child when being split to go into the Gas Chambers the sending the rest of the group to the Gas Chambers. When Dr. Mengele would preform his medical experiments they were on twins and mostly ended in death for the patients.One of the experiments he did on the twins was trying to create conjoined twins, but when he tried to connect them their hands became infected and they died soon after. He also tried to castrate, burn with phosphorus, put them in pressure chambers, and freeze them. Once the patients were dead he would dissect their bodies and label every organ. Sometimes instead of experimenting on them he would just torture them. One form of torture he used was he would draw a line on the wall about 5 feet tall and all the kids heads who did not reach the line were sent to the Gas Chambers.

Although Josef Mengele killed many innocent Jews it was only a fraction of the total six million Jews killed in the holocaust. He also was not the only experimental doctors at Auschwitz there were many doctors who thousands of Jews. Many of the German physicians experiments were biased on the survival of Axis military personell.

Dr. Mengele Documentary
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