The Wonders of Space!

By: James Ho

New Photos of Pluto

Recently, the experts of NASA, or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has just released new photos of Pluto revealing a closer look of Pluto's surface. Images reveal a stunning new view of one of Pluto's mountain giving an inside look of what the surface of the planet face. The image shows how these plates on the surface jostle back and forth between each other.

The Company that Could

SpaceX, a private company originating in the United States has become one of the first companies to send a commercial flight who has sent cargo to the International Space Station and returned to Earth safely. In addition, NASA has chosen SpaceX to be the first company to send a commercial flight using SpaceX's own Dragon in 2017. First, experts from both companies believed it would take 15-25 years, but yet is coming up fast.
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Living on Mars

By the year 2030, experts of NASA expect to send humans to live on Mars. As developed in 2010, the grant has funded NASA to conduct this exponential leap into the future. By 2025, NASA plans to send human beings into space to land on Mars by 2030. As the planet has been scoped out by years by various Mars Rovers, there is still much to be done. By the year 2020, NASA will plan to send out another rover to retrieve samples from Mars itself to conduct experiments on the arable land.