Solo Music Aidan Hansen

Antonín Dvořák

Antonín Dvořák

Antonín Leopold Dvořák was born on September 8th 1841. He had musical talents, he played violin at age six; and his first public performance was at age 31. Also , when he was 31, he submitted his first symphony to a contest in Germany. He didn’t win, and the music was not returned. Later he entered a contest in Austria, and won this time.


Theme from "a New World Symphony" is a hopeful song. It sounds sad, and makes you feel sad. At the end it slows down, and somehow makes you feel better. I like that it gets higher at one point, then gets lower. I choose this song because it stood out.


Aidan Hansen is a middle school student. He likes pizza as a food. He has 2 pets that he loves every much, a dog and a salamander. He has 2 sisters and no brothers. Aidan likes Legos and video games.


Largo : Slow

p :piano : quiet

mf : mezzo forte : medium loud

> : decrescendo : get quieter

fermata : hold note longer