Thione Niang

Thione Niang, a mentor, political activist, community leader

hobbies, and place of birth

  • One of Thione Niangs hobbies is the give1project, a non-profit organization.
  • he is also a international motivational speaker, and consultant.
  • was born in a west African village in Senegal.
  • was a child of 28 brother and sisters.


  • Thione Niang has an interest in helping immigrants from Africa.
  • Thione Niang even created a non-profit organization that was made to help immigrants from Africa.
  • He was also present in President barrack Obama's campaign for re-election in 2012.
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Thione Niang Tells His Coming to America Story


  • Thiong Niang helps immigrants from all over Africa showing them that every thing is possible even when he was an African immigrant and with only 20$ in his pocket he still made it to what he has wanted.
  • He focuses in helping mainly African immigrants.


  • Thiong niang has vowed to help his fellow people into pursuit of a new and improved life in different parts of the world.
  • His main goal is to help as many immigrants as possible, to ensure a safe trip and life for them.

Changes and recognition

  • He has helped many more immigrants with the bigger demands for help he has helped more immigrants then in the past years.
  • He has been recognize by being one of the 10 most young activists.
  • He has even been recognized by President Barack Obama.