Tech Tuesday


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What can I use Pages for?

  • Text
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Tables
  • Graphs
  • Shapes
  • Freeform Draw

Take 5 minutes to explore templates

Pages Templates

  • Click on the + button to create a document
  • Review all of the templates
  • Pick one you think you can use in your class

Other Templates to Use

Check out some additional templates posted in the MMS Staff Edmodo Group Folder

  • Vocabulary Template
  • Facebook Template
  • KWL Template

Take 15 minutes to do the following

Making a template for classroom use

  1. Choose a template that you think can be used in your classroom
  2. Edit the template, if needed.
  3. If the template you have chosen does not need to be changed, then explore the tools in Pages by answering the "Do you know how to?" questions below.

Do you know how to?

  1. Add a Text Box
  2. Insert a picture or video
  3. Change the font size
  4. Change the font color
  5. Insert a table


How to get a Pages template to your students:

As a teacher:

  1. Go to Share option in document
  2. Open in Another App
  3. Choose Format: Pages
  4. Choose App: Edmodo
  5. It should automatically move you to Edmodo and present you with options
  6. In Edmodo, choose "Attach to Assignment"
  7. Attach to New Assignment
  8. Give Title and Due date, Select Next
  9. Select recipients
  10. Enter message. This is where you will instruct your students to open attachment first, edit the template, rename the document, then turn it in through the "Turn in" feature.
  11. Send Assignment

As a student:

  1. Opens Edmodo app
  2. Finds assignment in your group
  3. Opens Attachment
  4. Find Share option
  5. Open in Another App
  6. Open in Pages
  7. Students opens document, edits, renames
  8. Find Share option
  9. Opens in Another app
  10. Format: PDF (unless there is video)
  11. Open in Edmodo
  12. Choose an Action: Turn in with Assignment
  13. Find correct assignment
  14. Type response and feeling
  15. Submit

How to get a Pages template to students (Video version)

Pages Template


  • If you want to be able to view your students video in Pages, then you should use Google Drive as your work flow option instead of Edmodo.
  • Sometimes the pop-up screen of choices does not show up when you "open in another app" from Pages to Edmodo. It takes a few tries, so if it does not show up automatically, start over and it should show up.
  • When a student is opening the attachment from Edmodo, instruct them to have patience. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to get the menu options to appear.