Gold (Ag)

"Gold all on my chain" - Trinidad James

3 properties

  1. Highly Malleable
  2. Highly Ductile
  3. Melting Point is 1060 degrees Celsius

History behind the element

  • Gold is known for being a very attractive metal.
  • Was first found 5,500 years ago.
  • Can be extracted from sea water but costs more than the worth of gold

Uses of the element

  • Jewelry
  • Finances and Investing
  • Electronics and Computers
  • Dentistry and Medicine
  • Aerospace
  • Medals and Awards
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Compounds with the element

  • Gold Chloride
  • Gold Bromide
  • Gold Iodide
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Nuclide Notation

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Gold on the periodic table

Isotopes of Gold

  • Ag-195
  • Ag-197
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Visual Model

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Lewis Dot Diagram

Gold has 1 valence electron

5 properties of Transition metals

  1. Mostly shiny metals
  2. Good conductors of heat and electricity
  3. Can be shaped easily
  4. High melting and boiling points
  5. Many are used as catalysts
Gold Refining Dissolving Gold Powder With Chlorine Gas

Synthesis reaction with chlorine

2Au(s) + 3Cl2(g) → 2AuCl3(s)

mole ratio

2Au : 3Cl2

2Au : 2AuCl3

3Cl2 : 2AuCl3