Bilingual/ESL Program Training

Irma Tajonar

Goal 1: Overview of implementing a Bilingual/ESL Program

Why a Bilingual/ESL Program?

Provide an overview of Chapter 89, the state statute that protects and supports ELL students.

How will the Bilingual/ESL program be funded?

  1. Federal Funds: Title III and Title I
  2. Local Funds

Bilingual/ESL Program Designs

1. Bilingual Models
  • Transitional Bilingual/Early Exit
  • Transitional Bilingual/Late Exit
  • Dual Language Immersion/ 2 way
  • Dual Language Immersion/ 1 way

2. ESL Models

  • ESL Content Embedded
  • ESL Pull-Out

Advocating and Creating Systems of Support for ELLs

  • Program commitment, support, and investment

Teachers/Paraprofessional support
  • Program support, knowledge, highly qualified, language skills, and high expectations

  • Educational benefits, investment in the ideals, advocacy, goals, commitment

  • student-centered instruction, engagement, cultural identity preserved

Special Programs
  • GT, SPED services, Dyslexia services

Goal 2: Program maintenance through the school year

Professional Development

ELPS- English language proficiency level descriptors

Cognitive needs-provide content area instruction addressing essential knowledge and skills and higher order thinking skills

Affective needs- instill a positive identity with cultural heritage, confidence, and self-assurance

Linguistic needs- Depending on the program model either quality instruction in both the native language and English or English language structured to ensure rigor and mastery of content

Effective Instructional Practices- bilingual pairs, TPR, labeling, native language support, informal interactions, scaffolding, visuals, sentence stems, vocabulary, word banks, oral responses, semantic maps, SIOP model, high/low affective filter

Data and LPAC : Monitoring Program and effectiveness

Reading Inventories- TPRI/Tejas Lee, DRA/EDL, istation's%20List%20of%20Reading%20Instruments%202014-2015.pdf

Math Inventories- SMI, istation

Language Surveys: Woodcock-Munoz, LAS, Pre-LAS, IPT

District and State Assessments