The Ritenour Review

2016 - 2017 Third Grade Weekly News

Encyclopedias and Internet Outages

We utilized our lifeline of being flexible this week. As I mapped out our week, I had planned on having a large portion of our week being dedicated to using the Chromebooks in our classroom, doing online research and navigating through some websites we will use this year. Unfortunately, the district's internet did not agree with this plan. In our classroom, the disturbance was minimal and we sidestepped the inconvenience easily, I am sure the older grades were not as thrilled.

As we navigated through an internet-less world for a few days, I did not want to get too far behind on a few topics. In Science, we have been talking about Natural Disasters and we were looking forward to researching the uniqueness of individual disasters; therefore, we call our fabulous librarian and borrowed a school set of encyclopedias. The kids loved them! I am a fan of efficient time use, so it's not my preferred method of research in 2016, but it was fun to share a piece of my K-12 years and see the joy of learning something new from the kids.

Here is a look at our topics for next week:

  • Language Arts: We will continue our work on complete sentences and paragraphs.
  • Math: We will look at continue to look different strategies for multiplication and division. Our FIRST math test will be on Friday, September 9th.
  • Reading: We will work on diving deeper into our texts and finding the meaning and purpose of being a diligent reader.
  • Word Study: Next week, we will work on long and short "u" spellings. Please, encourage your child to study the sort words/patterns throughout the week.

Natural Disasters

As you can see below, our internet finally decided to work late in the day Friday. We were finally able to research our natural disasters efficiently and the kids did a wonderful job staying on task!
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Weekly Work Folders

Keep an eye out for your child's weekly work folder. These will be sent home on Tuesday and should be returned by Friday. This folder will hold assessments taken throughout the previous week. If anything needs to be returned to school, it will have a note to sign and return. Thank you for working with me on this new system. Let me know if you have suggestions to make this a smoother process.
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Special's Schedule

  • Monday: Art
  • Tuesday: Wellness **bring/wear tennis shoes
  • Wednesday: STEM
  • Thursday: Music
  • Friday: Library

Upcoming Dates!

  • September 8th: PTO Meeting
  • September 28th: Jog-A-Thon
Scholastic Book Orders

If you would like to order books for your child through scholastic's website, please click on the link above. Checks can still be sent to the classroom and I will mail the orders.