Protest The Uniforms!!!

Lets take a stand for what we want

Fight for the Uniforms

On november 4th they plan on taking the uniforms that we all wear and changing them mid-semster. This is causing many problems and it needs to stop. They can't suspend over 1500 kids so if we all take a stand they'll have to listen!

Don't change the Uniforms

Monday, Nov. 4th 2013 at 7:45am

Ryan Ave

Philadelphia, PA

Be here on time and make sure you wear the uniforms we have all become accustomed and not the new ones they are making us wear!


7:45- kids start arriving

7:55- go into school wearing the old uniforms

8:00- protest the uniforms and take a stand against the lady at the front

8:15-go from there and continue your day like normal