Supreme god of the Olympians


Zeus was the son of the god Cronus and goddess Rhea. Cronus feared that his children overpower him and take his place on Mt. Olympus, so he ate all of Zeus siblings before Zeus was born. When Zeus was born his mother (Rhea) hid him in a near by island, she gave Cronus a stone wrapped in baby clothes to eat. When Zeus reached adulthood, he returned and tricked his father into drinking a potion that forced Cronus to throw up all of zeus siblings, then they all gathered together to fight in a war against their father. Cronus was overthrown in the war and now Zeus took his spot on Mt. Olympus.


  • Zeus was know for all of his affairs with other goddesses and moral women
  • Zeus had the root meaning of bright and sky
  • Zeus's traditional weapon was a thunder bolt

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