African Adventure

Visit 4 fantastic places!!!

Atlas Mountains

* The atlas Mountains has the highest mountain ranges

* The Atlas Mountains are rich in minerals, especially phosphates,coal,iron,and oil.

* It is a system of ranges and plateaus in Northwest Africa

* 1,500 miles from southwest Morocco through Algeria to north Tunisia

Niger River

* The Niger River is 2,600 miles long

* Flows through Guinea into Malia Republic

* The delta is the largest in Africa

* It is characterized by swamps,lagoons


* Madagascar is separated from east Africa coast

* Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world

* The economy of Madagascar is overwhelmingly argicultural

* Madagascar is made up of a highland plateau, which is largely deforested

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Great Rift Valley

* 6,000 feet above sea level

* There are cliffs that are several thousand feet high

* The valley ranges in elevation from 1,300 feet below sea level

* Located in central Mozambique to Northern Syria