We need to prepare our teachers, so that "No Student is left behind".

To ensure teachers are not left behind, schools should provide constant support and education to teachers. There should be more workshops and training provided all year long. Mentors should be available for teachers who need assistance with issues in the classroom. There should be more incentives rewarded for teachers who further their education and implement new techniques and strategies in the classroom.

I think that teachers should use similar practices to be on the same page. I notice many students have a difficult time changing teachers, because they have to adapt to new practices. Also monitors and administrators will have an easier time evaluating teachers during instruction time and ensuring that proper teaching is taking place. Some practices include but not limited to; instruction, classroom management, motivation, and incentives.

All teachers should meet standards similar to students passing high stakes test. Students test results and classroom monitoring results should be the test given to students. Passing test scores, proof of growth in knowledge, and meeting all expectations of evaluation are all evidence that standards are being met.

I think teachers are being prepared to master the NETS-T standards in the classroom. There are numerous programs available to future teachers that provided excellent training for new teachers. The problem comes when it’s time for the teacher to enter the classroom and use the learned skills.