Welcome to Earth

It will take your breath away.


Earth is the only known planet that with life on it. The name Earth is not derived from Greek or Roman mythology. Earth's has a inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust. On the crust you have all the different species of life. Here on Earth there are different things to do and see. When you arrive you will see the buildings, oceans, different animals, and different plants. The Earth is 3,959 miles large with 1 moon.


Earth has four different seasons. The reason for that is Earth is tilted on its axis which causes the sun to hit different areas and one part of the Earth to be closer than the other. In other terms rotation and revolution cause the season. The Earth spinning on its tilted axis while revolving around our sun makes the seasons happen. The Earth also contains energy. That energy comes from the sun and the core of Earth. Earth is spherical like other things in the galaxy because of the pulls from all different directions causes it to be spherical. Another thing are light years which is the time it takes light to travel a Julian year. Lastly the galaxy is the way it is because of gravity.


Before you come to planet Earth I would advise you to bring different types of clothes stuff to block the sun, different types of shoes. When arrived I would visit different places on different continents on Earth. You can take in the view and have different foods. I would bring a variety of things and somethings from your home so we can experience your culture and have ours too.