Digital Citizen

What is it and how you can you be a better one.

What is a digital citizen

A digital citizen is a person who uses technology who engages in the online world. Being a good digital citizen requires you to follow the rules, have consideration for others, and common sense. Did you know that before you were born you were already creating a digital dossier. Jobs, universities, and colleges go through your digital dossier to find out what type of person you are.

How to be a good digital citizen.

A good digital citizen follows the netiquette rules. Some of them are be clear while you are writing, don't use acronyms unless the person knows what you saying. Use sarcasm sparingly as it can often be misread in a negative connotation. If you are sending an attachment make sure the receiver has the program and it's not bigger than 5mb so it doesn't take space for the recipient. There are some more rules of being a good digital citizen which can put a good image on your digital dossier.

Digital Dossier

A digital dossier is a series of documents, (history) of a person of their digital life. Did you know while having an ultrasound the picture that is taken is the start of your digital dossier.Your digital dossier starts with out you forming it your self. The image you put on your self is highly important because some programs and most jobs go through your digital dossier to see the person you are, so be careful on what your post and what you do online.

People and their digital life.

According to United Nations 3.2 billion people use the internet in the year 2015. In they year 2012 teens surf the internet 95% of the time. At least two thirds of Americans have a cell phone. Now that the internet has becoming more important it is easy to for cyber predators to attack the majority of the people. they can steal all your information. Most of the people using the internet know about internet safety and it is important to know how to protect them selves from online predators.

Make a change

You can make a change on how to protect yourself. Start putting a better image on your self my knowing what to post and what not to post.