Ernest Hemingway

By: Landon Kruse

20 Interesting facts

  1. Whenever a shark would impose on his fishing he would shoot it with his tommy gun.
  2. He could write a story in six words.
  3. He survived two plane crashes.
  4. Hemingway loved six-toed cats.
  5. Ernest's sister, brother, and father all committed suicide.
  6. He used to hunt U-boats in his fishing boat with direction finding equipment, a machine gun, and hand grenades.
  7. Later in his life, he claimed he was spied on and later it turns out that he was.
  8. He tool a urinal from his favorite bar claiming that he had "pissed away" so much of his money into it that he owned it.
  9. He had a cat named after Winston Churchill.
  10. Ernest had four wives.
  11. At the age of 22, he nicknamed himself "papa".
  12. He drank about a quart of liquor a day.
  13. When he was born until he was four, his mom dressed him as a girl and made him grow out his hair.
  14. He used his favorite shotgun to commit suicide.
  15. In 1942 he set up a real intelligence network, nicknamed the crook factory.
  16. His mom took him out of school for a year so he could learn to play the cello.
  17. He always wrote standing up.
  18. Ernest loved to box.
  19. In world war 1 he tried to enlist in the army but his eyesight would not allow it so he became an ambulance driver instead.
  20. While delivering chocolates and cigarettes to soldiers on the line he was hit by trench mortar fire and still managed to drag another injured soldier to safety.
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