By Gary Paulsen, Reviewer: Maddy Oakeson

Brian Robeson Survives

The most important paragraph and scene in the story is when Brian Robeson doesn't lose hope after crashing, and realizes his motivation to survive. He has been lost in the wilderness for a few months. In this part, at the end of chapter 13, he learns that he has the knowledge and strength to win against nature. He is full of "tough hope" at the end of the chapter. He has gone through all of his "firsts" to succeed and live.


This story is about a 14 year old boy he is flying to his dad's house in Canada. His parents are newly divorced, and he knows a secret about his mom. On the trip there, his plane crashes and Brian is lost in the wilderness and the pilot is dead. Brian then spends the next few months learning to survive on his own knowledge and learns lessons on life. Every reader will enjoy this book and will wonder will Brian be rescued and live?