Palisades Family Consumer Science

"Preparing students for life"

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year

I wanted to welcome you and your child to Consumer Science. Your child will receive a syllabus during the first class to share with you. This is to be signed and returned to me by the second class. I would also like each student to have a composition notebook to use in my class for their interactive notebook. I do have a limited supply of notebooks available for $1.00 each. I encourage students to use the same notebook through all three years of my class.

Serving up Fun

6th Grade

Sixth grade starts with a textile unit. A yard of fabric (new or re-purposed) is need for a project. Please have material in class by 4/17 or 4/18 (depending on the day your child has class). Students will study clothing construction, fabric origin/sources, and care all while sewing their very own tote bag.

6th Grade Syllabus

Sewing Supplies

7th Grade

Seventh grades will start to learn about budgets by first exploring how needs and wants can impact spending. We will be "hunting" for our unit vocabulary and start learning about bank forms and payroll in preparation of the budget project in the next class. Budget project will be due by 5/5.

7th Grade Syllabus

8th Grade

We are starting off with a unit on careers and finance. The class will be participating in the Junior Achievement Program which is funded by the Ziegler Foundation. This program brings banking and finance experts into our classroom. The program will spiral with our career project. The students will begin by exploring their strengths, learning styles, and interests to develop a profile and suggested career path(s). They will also learn to fill out a job application, resume, and will be looking up more specifics about three jobs. The project will be due by 5/5. The course, project, handouts, and calendar will be located on Canvas. Class time is provided for this project and it is not intended to be homework.

8th Grade Syllabus

Frequently Asked Questions

My web site has the Canvas calendar, additional information, handouts, recipes, etc.

Canvas will be where all assignments and daily classroom calendar can be found.