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March 21, 2016 - March 24, 2016

Last Week Before Spring Break

We are almost there. This is the last week before spring break and remember No School on Friday. There is still a lot going on this week though. The DCA window is open now so you may begin giving the assessment any time. Also, Anthony will be out of town from Monday afternoon till Thursday. Svetlana is out Monday all day as well. Since both of us will be out Monday Michelle Friedman will be over from Shepard to assist with any needs Monday afternoon. Follow the building succession plan in our absence.
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Habit 4 - Think Win-Win

Key Points

There are four ways of thinking about relationships with others:

Win-lose: I win, you lose. I benefit at your expense.

Lose-win: I lose, you win. You benefit at my expense.

Lose-lose: I lose, you lose. Neither of us benefits.

Win-win: I win, you win. Both of us benefit.

Effective relationships must be based on win-win thinking, or they cannot endure.

Key Questions

1. In what ways do we currently use “Think Win-Win” in our relationships with each other? 2. In what ways are we failing to “Think Win-Win” in our relationships with each other?

3. Why is thinking Win-Win beneficial to our school community?

4. How would thinking Win-Win affect our relationships with students and their parents?

Below are two quick videos on thinking win-win. We want to build students like the one in the basketball video. The other might be a way to explain this habit to some of our younger students.

Disabled Basketball Player is Given Help by Opposing Player to Score a Shot
Think Win-Win

In The News

Please send any news that we can include in the newsletter. It can be serious or silly - like mine in the middle.

Leadership Day is Coming at Kipling Elementary School

Please click here to read all the ins and outs for our upcoming Leadership Day The agenda and plans for the entire day are outlined in the document at the link.
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Study Island Weekly Report 3/13 - 3/19

Click here to see our progress on study island this week.

Student Growth Folder

This is our shared student growth folder. Most recently updated with Q2 DCA results.

Important Dates

3/21 - 4/8 DCA Q3 Window Open

3/25 - 4/3 - Spring Break

4/5 - PTO Meeting

4/5 - Staff Meeting

4/11-4/22 PARCC Window Open

4/21 - Leadership Day/Showcase Night