The SWHS Preschool Learning Center

May 22, 2016

Fun last lessons

Letters at the top of the coconut tree...Blowing bubbles, Chalk, Sheering sheep, milking cows, yoga outside...these were just a few of the many awesome things we did this last week.

During Circle Time, we also took a dry erase hand and a marker and learned that letters can magically become other letters. Did you know that if you make a "P" and then you add just a little extra, you can make an "R". Or if you make an "O" and you add a little line on the "O", you now have a "Q". And if you take a "V" and turn it upside down and halfway through it put a little line connecting the 2 sides, you now have an "A". We learned that the letters are magic. So you may want to continue doing this magic at home as we did start late during the year but they were having fun for sure.

A bittersweet week--OUR LAST!!


Moving up ceremony will take place in the media center (library). The times are AM=9:00--please try to be at the Welcome desk promptly at 9:00, with ID and we will escort you to the media center. PM you need to be there promptly at 11:45.

The agenda is that for the first half hour or 45 mins, the children will be checking out the legacy projects from the child development students (they will be toy quality checkers) and parents will be checking out the Parent Fair exhibits and seeing a film with a discussion following. Also during that time snack will be served. (Parents not to worry, the child development students will be watching your children, even siblings if you want). And then we will watch a quick demonstration from the children, a slideshow and then the children will receive their certificate. We ask that photos wait till following the entire ceremony.

We are looking forward to this day with bittersweet feelings.

SWHS The Learning Center

We are a lab school for high school students taking Child Development courses to learn about children in a hands on way. The children come from the community and receive quality care from a certified teacher.