Tech Updates at The Bend

October (Part 1)

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eDay Doesn't Have to be Spooky! Tips Below to De-Spook eDay...

  • Assign tools, programs, websites that you've already introduced to your class. eDay is not the optimal time to introduce never-before-seen tools.
  • Assignments should be a continuation of instruction (rather than an introduction to new concepts), and completion time should be roughly equivalent to a class period/workshop timeframe.

  • Test all assignments/sites on a Chromebook
  • Communicate with parents ahead of time where they can locate assignment instructions
  • Per the Friday Focus, all eDay assignments should go "live" at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday (10/17) and have a deadline of 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday (10/22).

Is Your Webpage ADA Compliant?

  • If you have text on your webpage, use the fonts provided by the webpage editor so that digital text readers can read the font. Avoid adding text as a picture to get cuter fonts.
  • If you have a picture on your webpage, when you add, ALWAYS include the Alternative Text naming the image.
  • Videos that are on your front grade level, group or teacher page (any front facing page) must have closed captioning. If you upload your video to eduvision, there is a cc button you can select. It is not perfect & doesn't have to be. (But you'll want to scan to make sure there are no bad words being mistakenly displayed in the captioning.) If no closed captioning, the video has to come down or move to a sub level page.

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How Parents Can Retrieve Report Cards in the Home Portal

Chalkable Home Portal: Report Cards
In an effort to intentionally steer parents and students towards Chalkable, parents will see the video above in the upcoming eNews, just in time for report card grades which are visible to parents as soon as you click "Post," and also just in time for parent conferences. Conferences could be an ideal time to have a Chromebook handy for ask parents to pull up their child's report card; however, let's not let technology hiccups derail your important conversations. If a parent is unable to seamlessly log in, an easy Plan B would be to download the report card on your device so that they can see it, then at the end of your time together, suggest they get in touch with me for assistance accessing their account. In this week's Friday Focus, Blair will send instructions on how to print individual student report cards.

Another fabulous strategy shared by teachers: when communicating with parents prior to conferences, ask them to bring a printed copy of the report card with them. What a great opportunity to "flip" the conference conversation from revealing the grades for the very first time to discussing with parents how the child earned the grade.