Jim Crow Laws

By: Courtney Pierce


  • Jim Crow Laws were laws that segregated blacks from whites.
  • The laws made it to where blacks could not go int the same places as whites.
  • To add onto the Jim Crow Laws the policy "seperate but equal" was put into effect.
  • The policy stated that black and whites culd not go to the same school.
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 ended alll the laws that seperated the two races.

Booker T Washginton was born a slave but knew he needed an edcation so he escaped and walked all the way to Hampton Institue. Washington conviced the whites to let hm build a place where he could teach the african amaericans. He said he wouldnt teach them anything that could challenge whites. He tought blacksand gave them a wonderful educatin. Washington is known as the most influential black man.


1865 - The federal government wanted the rebelious southern states to come back as a union.

1866 - Klu Klux Klan was put together. (it was an "organization" that was agaisnt blacks and killed or hurt them)

1868 - 14th Amendment was protected rights of recently free slaves.

1870 - Enforcements Acts were put into place which made blacks not able to vote, or be in juries.

1875 - Civil Rights Act , which granted blacks with the same rights as whites. It made all racs equal.

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