The Wildcat Weekly


Field Trip Safety Procedures

Earlier this school year, the following new safety procedures were institute for field trips.

  • The building principal will meet and review safety protocols with teachers prior to each field trip throughout the school year.
  • All students are encouraged to wear their North Coventry t-shirt on every field trip.
  • All chaperones will participate in a “chaperone meeting” the day of the field trip to review protocols and safety procedures prior to departure. This meeting should be conducted by one of the classroom teachers attending the trip, the head teacher, or the building principal.
  • All chaperones and teachers will be provided with the emergency contact number for the school cell phone (484-256-1194) and the North Coventry main office (610-469-5105).
  • One teacher attending the field trip will be responsible for the school cell phone on the day of the trip.
  • Teachers will identify and communicate a designated meeting place in the event a student should become separated from their group.
  • Students with cell phones will be encouraged to add the North Coventry main office phone number into their contact list.
  • In the event of an emergency, chaperones are to call 911 and then call the school cell phone. A teacher supervising the field trip will contact the building principal.
  • The building principal will then contact the Superintendent’s Office and notify parents.


  • PSSA Math will be taking place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • We will be following the PSSA Special Area Schedule once again Monday - Wednesday
  • PTO Meeting Wednesday at 7:00 PM
  • If a student brings a weapon or toy weapon to school, ALL staff are responsible for reporting such an incident to the principal or the head teacher immediately! NO EXCEPTIONS!


Thanks to everyone for their flexibility during the administration of the PSSA. Regardless of your position, EVERYONE in someway supports this effort.

Thanks to Pete and Sue C. for providing breakfast delivery to our test takers!

Thanks to Diane, Tiffany, Amy, Robin, Rachel, Joyce, Kathleen, Carey, Susan W., Sue G., Kellie and Lori for supporting students during PSSA extended time!

Thanks to buddy class teachers and their students who have offered words of encouragement to our testing warriors!