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Snack Drive starts this week to build our pantry for students in need of snack resources. Encourage kids to bring healthy items for this event - the drop off is in the front hallway.

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EVAAS: Educator Value-Added Assessment Systems

Teacher Effectiveness Data will be released to teachers this week - look for an email from DPI with information. I am placing copy of your TRC, Reading, Math, and Evaluation Composite (depending on what you teach) growth measures in mailboxes.

As you review your data here are some helpful points of reference or helpful tidbits:

* zero is the average impact on student learning

* distance from zero indicates how different from the "average" impact you were

* data is unique to your group of students/ cohorts are compared to "like" students not the room next to you

* index indicates how strong the evidence is in your class that students exceeded, met, or fell short of the standard

* 2 or higher generally indicates students in your classroom gained ground academically; a value lower than -2 indicates students lost ground academically

* higher than -2 and lower than 2 means students met expectations for growth

* the purple hash mark indicates the average teacher growth in our district

*results help you to identify your areas of strength and opportunities for growth

* this information allows you to assess your impact on specific groups of students in order to plan for growth opportunities

*think of data as a way to strategize now in order to maximize CURRENT years' growth

* Evaluation Composite is what is used to determine Standard VI in the NC Education Evaluation System (NCEES)

I find it really helpful to listen to the video explanations - it is a lot to absorb and I'm one who learns by visuals so the video really helps. Here is one I listened to -

During our next round of observations Carrie and I will have a chance to talk with you in more detail about these results and areas of strength for you to share with others or opportunities for professional growth you'd like to pursue.

Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley - whole school show is December 3rd at 9:30! Mark your calendars!!

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