Saving and Investing Tips!

Learn something new about saving and investing!

Why is saving and investing important?!

Saving your money is an important part of planning your future. When you save and invest money you are potentially earning money also. It is very important that you save your money so you have money when you retire and when you need that extra money because your tire popped on the interstate today. Investing in stock, bonds, etc. helps your money make money! This will benefit you greatly when you retire or you need to pay for your kids college.

You own a penny, you're worth a penny!

Making a budget is a good way to start saving your money. Budgets help you plan out your money and tells you how much you can spend on what. For example you can only spend $300 on groceries and $100 on miscellaneous this month. This will help you save money every month. Retirement plans are also a good way to save money for when you are no longer working anymore. An example of a retirement plan is a 401(k). This is when employees automatically have money taken from their paychecks and put into a retirement investment. Also there is social security, your taxes you pay don't get saved for when you retire, they are funded to retirees. Then when it is your time to retire someone who is working and paying taxes is paying for your retirement. Some tips to save your money are try as best as you can not to get a credit card, cut back on fast foods, plan your meals around your grocery stores flyers and simply turn off your lights.

Saving and investing makes the world go 'round!

A penny saved is a penny earned!

Investing money can be confusing, but relax it gets easier as you learn more about it. You always need to know some good tips on investing money. Know where the money goes, keep track of your spending. Start with a plan. Start investing today! You need to know some investment options. You can start off by buying small stocks in something you a confident in, something you know may not earn you a lot of money but is safe. Invest in bonds such as treasury bonds which are the safest. Municipal bonds, corporate bonds, high-yeild bonds, mutual finds and stocks. As you just read that list the the bonds are in order from low risk to high risk. The more you are risking the more possible return you may get, but the less risky a bond is (like treasury bonds) the less you will possibly get in return. But thats okay if you are just starting out in investing. You don't want to take big risk if you're not ready.