Hidden Girl

Chapters 4-5

Internal Character

Shyima is a slave from Egypt now working for a very wealthy family in the USA, being sepreted from her family. She is a nice person but has not gone to school and only knows what she has been told.


The setting takes place in the USA, where she had left her home in Egypt to go with her new owners there.


When she comes to the USA she is told to do what ever the owners say or she and her orginal family will have something bad happen, so which means if she tried to tell somebody that she was an illegial slave her and the family back home could be hurt.

Another conflict that happens is she is always working 24/7 she does the same stuff every single day and has a list of chores that takes all day to complete, but when she has to take the boys to the park or when she has to hide in the kitchen because the kids brought one of there friends over, it interupts the chores that she cant complete and she gets in trouble by The Mom or The Dad.

Vocabulary Words

Kid-that had been my fun time, my "kid" time. With them I'd had the freedom to move around our neighborhood, the feedom to play games, to make choices. Now all of that was gone( Shymia 63). Whats being said is that she had lost her childhood at a young age or just neverhad one.

Muslim- Right after 9/11 it seemed as if all Americans were leery of anyone who looked as if they might be from the Middle East (Shymia 58). Whats being the conflict is the family is being an outcast from everything that is happpening.

Historical Connnection

This is like before the American Civil War when the south had slaves to do all there work and when they (slaves) did not have any education same as in Shyima and when they had all dirty messed up clothing and Shyima is getting old hand downs from the daughters in the house.
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