Highly Effective Students

Yulissa C.

My Habits Now

I'm a really good student well sometimes. I care about doing good in school and trying my best to keep up my grades. I use the time teachers give me in class to start my work. I complete all my homework assignments on time. I always attend class being prepare to learn.

Top 5 Study Habits

1. Ask Questions- They can help you understand it more by explaining it to you with more detail.

2. Organize- So you can have everything done on time.

3. Attend Class- Go to class so you won't end up being behind on your work.

4. Make Study Groups- Teaching others can even make you understand it better. They can also teach you a different way to understand your work.

5. Manage Your Time Wisely- Managing your free time is as important as managing your “busy” time.

Top 3 Study Habits

My Future


In the future I want to be a police officer. They do everything from enforcing the law to preventing crime. I want to help our country by stopping violence and criminals. I also want to have the opportunity to save someone's life. I want to help people make better choices for their future. Working as a law enforcement officer is the unique opportunity you have to show these people a better way.