Classroom News

Room 653 May 2nd-5th

What we are learning.

Language Arts Focus:

This is our last week before we take the CAASPP. We will focus on reading comprehension and continue to work on the practice version of the CAASPP.

Math Focus:

We will spend a lot of time reviewing this week. There will be a packet sent home and Tenmarks assignments to work on. The combination of these will help review what we have gone over this year.

We will also spend some time working on graphing.

Social Studies Focus:

We will begin to take a look at the Constitution.

Science Focus:

We will begin our unit on the basic structures of organisms. This week we will answer What makes up multi-cellular organisms? and how do materials move through plants?

Writing Focus:

Our writing focus is still narrative. This week, students are writing a 5-7 paragraph narrative from a district provided prompt. These will be turned in at the end of the week.

What to expect from next week (May 2-6)

Monday: PE

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday May 4th: Spirit day "May the 4th be with you"- wear Star Wars gear. Library

Thursday: PE and Music

Friday: 653 Dance Party!

Assignments/Assessments due: Students will be finishing their narrative from the district provided prompt. We did not take the district assessment for Measurement and Volume and will postpone this another week, until after testing.

Upcoming Events

5/9-5/18: State Testing for 5th grade

5/13: Flag Salute

5/18: Science Project Due

5/19: Open House

5/30: Memorial Day

6/17: Flag Salute

6/21: 5th Grade Promotion

6/22: Last Day of School, Report cards go home , and 12:55 dismissal