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We're well into the spring semester and moving full-speed ahead! As you continue to work in your courses, please ensure you don't forget to complete the MOY (Middle of the Year) Star360 assessments. All students, new and returning, are required to complete the reading and math assessments. There is more information below.

In January, the ISOK Student Support Team will be leading the Everything is Possible Mindset. We'll be celebrating and acknowledging National Mentoring Month, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and many more Awareness Days.

Each week you'll find news, information, action items, and fun from the ISOK Student Support Team! Please read carefully and enjoy this issue of The Power Ranger Press!


Ginger Allison

ISOK Student Support Program Manager

American School Counselor Association Awareness Days: January 2021

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ISOK Weekly Announcement

Kid President Talks to Tom Hanks about Heroes!

ISOK Student Support Team

The ISOK Student Support Team (AKA Power Rangers), is the team that offers support programming alongside your academics. Let me introduce them to you!

ISOK Student Support Program Manager

Ginger Allison,

Engagement Specialists

Shereta Sweet,

Mona Earnest,

Megan Moser,

Bo McIlvoy,

Student Resource Coordinator

Brittany Eck,

Career Counselors

Jason Deskin,

Abi McCalister,

Academic Counselors

Kay Walck,

Alexandra Orton,

Anelicia Brimacomb,

K12 Rebrands to Stride, Inc.

The parent company of ISOK has recently changed its corporate name from K12 to Stride, Inc. As a learning company, the Stride Mission is to help learners of all ages reach their full potential through inspired teaching and personalized learning.

Learning never stops. It’s the best means of growth throughout your life. But learning simply cannot be one-size-fits-all. Our company is leading enormous and necessary change in a sector that’s left far too many behind. And it’s required us to challenge long-accepted beliefs and practices. With insight and input from learners, parents, school districts, boards of education, and policymakers, we continue to provide more effective ways to learn — focusing on building the skills and confidence learners need to make their way forward in life.

Whether you are just starting with us or have been around for many years, please know that this corporate name change does not affect any of the education or support ISOK provides for your students. Our school will continue to provide the same great education, curriculum and materials you have received from us since your ISOK journey began. Our support of lifelong learning enhances the strength of our high school curriculum which prepares students for colleges and careers and provides opportunities for learning beyond high school.

For now, there is nothing you need to do. Eventually, the brand and logo you see, as well as our email address, may change. Rest assured that we will communicate those changes to you as they occur.

Please enjoy a quick video which highlights these exciting changes, or click here to learn more about Stride!

Strong Start Requirements!

All ISOK students are responsible for completing the following tasks:

  • Strong Start Connection Call with CFA
  • Attend Strong Start Live Orientation Session
  • Strong Start Online Learning Course
  • Strong Start Star 360 Reading Growth Assessment
  • Strong Start Star 360 Math Growth Assessment

You will learn more about how to complete these tasks in orientation.

Required Assessments for ALL Students

Complete January Start360 Assessments

All students in 9th-12th grades will take Star360 assessments this year for math and reading. These will be taken in August, January, and May. Additionally, all students will be taking a USA Test Prep assessment in October and March to ensure students are meeting their grade level standards and to simulate state testing. These assessments are required and help our teachers target instruction to meet students’ needs and ensure growth. It is important that students complete these assessments on their own, without assistance from learning coaches or other sources.

Your teachers will also send out information to complete Star360 assessments, but students may begin now to complete them.

· Log in website:

• Username: Your Student ID (ex: 123456)

• Password: Your first name in lowercase and last 3 numbers of your Student ID (ex: phillip456)

• Everyone will take a Star Reading test and a Star Math test (do not take Early Literacy).

• Honest efforts rewarded – Do your best (how much time you take on it is monitored), complete it, and receive points upon completion.

If you get kicked out and it asks for a Monitor Password, that password is: admin

This Week's Student Support Schedule:

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ISOK Support Groups

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Student Needs Assessment Survey

The ISOK Student Support Team has created a survey to identify students' needs. This information is completely confidential and will be strictly used for screening purposes only, so that we can offer community resource connections, one on one and small group support and better serve your students. Please complete the survey by following the link below.

Tutoring Available Now!

We are excited to announce our school’s new Tutoring Initiative! ISOK will offer personalized academic tutoring based on your child’s needs with an emphasis in the subjects of English Language Arts (Reading/Writing) and Mathematics.

At this time, our new tutoring program will be completely virtual through an online service called TutorMe. Through this program, your child will be able to access a tutor at any time of the day to work on any subject. While the emphasis will be in math and reading, tutors for all subjects are available. The tutor will work with your child’s curriculum to help them improve their grades and gain confidence. The focus of tutoring is to equip your child with different methods of learning so they can have life-long skills in how to best solve problems for assignments, homework and projects.

Tutoring Sign-Up Link

Learning Coach Action Items

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