News from 309!

November 13, 2017

What's Happening This Week?

Reading- Informational text-how is it different from narrative? We will begin to learn about text features in non-fiction,informational text.

Writing- short and long "u" pattern; informational/research writing

Math- problem-solving with addition and subtraction; sneak peek at multiplication!

Science- intro to Solar System

Social Studies- the US Constitution; Bill of Rights; branches of government.

Dates to note

November 15 ~ Math CBA (9 weeks) test on Place Value

November 15 ~ Thanksgiving luncheon; 1:10. Our class will be in the Auditorium!

November 20-24 ~ Thanksgiving Holiday!

Our classroom could use:

  • square sticky notes (reading informational text requires lots of note-taking, and the small sticky notes just don't cut it sometimes!)
  • Clorox wipes
Greg Tang Math!

This site has some excellent games for students to practice numeracy skills and automaticity to help with math facts!

Highlights from last week!

Last week we took our first nine week's test (CBA) in Science. The class did so well for the first one! They really showed what they know about science tools and safety, as well as matter!

As we are nearly finished with the Global Read Aloud, the class designed postcards to send to other classes around the country - and world - to send out! There were some very creative designs that included Roz in front of our iconic Alamo, or Roz slam-dunking as a San Antonio Spur! Creativity is not lacking with this group! We are eagerly awaiting postcards from around the country, as well!

On Friday we were able to Skype with Mrs. Pokorny's class in Wisconsin. Imagine their surprise when they saw us all bundled up for 60 degrees - only to find out it was 5 degrees there! They go out for recess in almost any temperature! Our class had a great opportunity to discuss the parts of the book we read so far, as well as ask some "just for fun" questions to the third graders there!

The New Bluebonnet book list is here! 2018-19

The Texas Library Association just announced the Bluebonnet list for 2018-19! Get a head start on this list!

Our class webpage!

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