How to do a Front Dive Pike

Off of a springboard diving board

What you need

  • A swimsuit
  • A place to dive
  • Someone to supervise
  • A towel for when your done

The basics

  • You always have to keep your toes pointed
  • You always have to keep your body tight
  • Never let your head drop ( go down)

Setting it up

  • Get on the very end. Make sure your feet aren't hanging over the edge.
  • Then put your hands over your head
  • Make sure to squeeze you arms so tightly to your head so that there's no space between your arms and your head
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The takeoff

  • First you have to push through your legs while squeezing your legs and body and take a huge jump
  • Be sure to still be pointing your toes and squeezing your body
  • Don't be looking down at the water because then you can't get a high jump and the dive will be short

In the middle

  • When you are in the air you have to bring your legs to your chest and touch your toes still trying to stay tight
  • Don't be looking at the water when you touch your toes, instead look at your toes
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Finishing the dive

  • Square out, looking at your toes
  • Kick out and lift your feet over your head
  • Make sure you grab your hands and squeeze them in- between your head
  • Your body should look like its doing a handstand on the water

Under the water

  • When you hit the water go down a few feet above the bottom of the pool
  • Then do a pike save and swim up
  • And that's how to do a pike dive!!!


Short - To go short means to cut the dive off and your shins smack the water

Square out - To snap your hands out to the side to form the side of a square

Pike save - A front flip under the water


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