The Hunger Games

SSR Project By: Del Duffield

Book Info

Author: Suzanne Collins (52)

Page Count: 374 pages

Why I read this Book

I read this book because I had heard so many great things about it from family and friends. In a life or death situation this book would be a great last read, the book was FANTASTIC. What I loved about it was that it had such descriptive writing that could portray a very realistic image in my mind. It had a extremely creative plot and setting in the future, in which the government is harsh and corrupt and people died of starvation everyday. One last thing I liked about this book was that the main character was a girl that possessed all these cool skills that a guy would usually have, and she used them for survival. If I had to say anything that I disliked about the book I guess it would be that small kids were killed in it, but it was a big part of the story line so I don't really know. There was honestly nothing to dislike about this book.

More about the Book

A connection I made with this text is that no matter what environment you are put into, you try to strive and survive as best as you can, even if you think you don't stand a chance. Humans will go to very great lengths to survive. My favorite quote from the book is " This is what birds see. Only they are free and safe. The very opposite of me." on page 144. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. It is a great book with a great plot and a great story with great descriptive language.
This book has broadened my perspective on people because it shows that when it comes to a certain point, every person is going to protect themselves and their loved ones. When it is life or death, people will do things that you could never imagine them doing, because everyone strives to live another day.
Below is a link for the movie made based on this book back in 2012.
New The Hunger Games Trailer Official 2012 [HD] - Jennifer Lawrence