Welcome To Middle School!

Where Life Gets Harder.

ATTENTION New 6th Graders

It gets harder when you enter the life of a middle schooler. For example, more homework, more studying, more teachers, more classes, and more motivation. Its just a chaos of more people. Its tough, but you will figure your way around.


Lockers is a big deal for Middle School. You have to remember your locker and your combination. For example 14-35-12 you move right, left, and then right again. If you mess up turn a full circle till you get back to the zero. A trick is to press down on the placement of the number including zero. This can be very confusing.


Electives is 2 or 3 classes that is not like Math, Social Studies, and Science. For an example of some electives is Band, Orchestra, Choir, Drama, Art, and Gym. You normally have 1 or 2 electives a day by what you choose.


The schedule is one of the most trickiest part of Middle School. A-day is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On an A-day you have 5 classes including Encore. For example 1A, 2A, 3A, Encore, and 4A. B-Day is Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Now hold up you have A and B Day both on Friday? Friday is called A-B Day. Each regular class is 40 minutes and Encore is 25 minutes. On other days each class is 1h and 25 minutes and Encore is 40 minutes. Also on a B- Day you have 5 classes including Encore. I know it sounds confusing.
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First Day for 6th Graders at Poulsbo Middle School

Thanks For Reading By: Emma Ogden Published October 9th, 2015